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I wanted to write and tell you how much we love the portrait that you did of my boys in their scouting uniforms. It is a family treasure that has officially become one of our most valued possessions.  On June 28th, our home was hit by lightning. Within minutes, it was on fire and we had to make some very quick decisions. First, we got our children out of the house and called 911. We knew that we only had moments to salvage our most precious items. My husband said, "grab the computor and I'll get some other things." I was (as you can imagine) a little frenzied and went to get the computer which had all of our important documents and family photos. When I met him on the front lawn he was carrying the portrait of the boys. Several neighbors came and whisked the portrait off to safety while we watched the fire department fight the blaze. When something like this happens, you don't stop to think that it is just a house and furniture and stuff that can all be replaced (I am sure you could have made us a new portrait!!). But instead, you think about what means the most to you and what would make you really sad to lose. Everything that we cared about was safe!  I thought you would appreciate how much we value the portrait. Thanks again for a beautiful family treasure. Kristine 

One thing that sets Studio 3 Photography apart from other studios is being able to take pictures with real scenary and not painted walls. We had a great time and will definitely recommend it to others. Also we will be back to do a family portrait.~ Chelsea

All pictures of my grandaughter Kristin & grandson J.T. have garnered many wonderful praises from all who have viewed them. You have brought me so much pleasure through your beautiful photography, that is why my youngest grandaughter, Mary Shannon and her Mom, Patti, from New Hampshire, were at your studio in June. Thank you so much for featuring Mary Shannon & her Mom in your 'featured photos for June'.Kris - NewHampshireMy world stopped on July 29, 2006 when my son, Samuel, died. A few months earlier, his close friend, Hyatt, had her senior portraits taken at Studio 3 Photography. She asked Samuel to be in a couple of the portraits, which turned out fantastic. Seeing the portraits of Hyatt and Samuel, I intended to schedule a family portrait. Regretfully, I waited to long. The viewing was July 31st at 7 p.m. My husband and I went to the funeral home at 10:30 a.m., and were shocked to find our 17 year old son did not look like himself at all. We decided to have a closed casket, we went through numerous photos to display but none captured his essence. Devastated and sobbing I called Hyatt's mom and asked if she thought Studio 3 could remove Hyatt and enlarge a portrait of just Samuel. I called Patty at Studio 3, she said they could digitally remove Hyatt from the image and promised to do her best to have a portrait of Samuel in time for the viewing that evening; at about 4:30 p.m. Patty was on her way to our home with the portraits. She had a 16 x 20 with an easel for displaying, and an 8 x 10 to sit on the casket. Both were beautifully framed and exactly as Samuel would have looked if he were going out on a Friday night. Through tears, I thanked Patty, asked her to send me a bill and she said these were her gift to us. Even today, I don't know if she realizes how grateful we were and will forever be. I know she spent her whole day making this happen for someone she had met once. To me, there is only one Photography Studio in the world and Studio 3 will have my business until the day I see Samuel again.~Sabrina LewisSamuel LewisJuly 21, 1989-July 29, 2006What a great experience you provided for Kaitie, Doreen and I yesterday afternoon! You made Kaitie feel like a super model. She really enjoyed the entire experience. Doreen and I enjoyed seeing her having such a great experience. Your attention to detail and knack for making Kaitie feel comfortable is really appreciated. We were not really sure what to expect, and you truly made the afternoon into a really fun, special time for all of us. ~Kaitie's dad, Fossil Ridge HS

"My wife and I met Patty Recca for the first time in 2001 as we went through proofs of the senior pictures she had taken of our oldest son Ryan.  The photos were terrific!  They really captured our son's personality and style.  We had no inkling at the time that we would later learn that Patty's personality and eye as a photographer are complimented by her interest and concern for those she photographs.  Since our first meeting I have hired Patty to shoot aviation related marketing photos for brochures and tradeshow graphics.  These projects included aerial photography. Our youngest son Nathan has had his senior pictures taken and we've recently had a family portrait taken.  All of these images have been of the highest quality and creativity.  I mentioned earlier Patty's interest and concern for her subjects and that leads me to a quality of Patty's that is hard to describe in words as it has become a very personal connection that we share.  Shortly after having our family portrait made at Studio 3, my oldest son passed away suddenly. Patty was quick to rush to our side with prayers and support.  Overnight she had a large framed portrait of our son that we were able to display at the funeral home and church.  Patty's expression of love and caring for our family in a moment of deepest crisis is something that we will always remember and cherish. Patty has shared our joy and pain over these years and today I am so very thankful that we were lead to her studio for those senior pictures which seems so very long ago now.  From our experiences I can say from my heart that Patty Recca is a wonderful and caring person.  As a photographer and a human being Patty Recca has given our family more than I can possible express simply with words."Michael Neal - Keller, Texas

I really liked the pre-consultation and viewing all the different options. Your staff was warm, friendly, and accommodating!- Teri Nickells